Salmon oil 1L




Salmon oil 1L

Our salmon oil for dogs is packed with good omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).These fatty acids are very important for your dog. That’s because they are essential for your four legged friend’s resistance. Omega 3 fatty acids also lower blood pressure and are good for your animal’s heart and blood vessels. These healthy fats also contribute to the development of the brain and eyes.

Now, I hear you thinking: those omega 3 fatty acids are already in the dog food I give my dog every day, aren’t they? It’s a little more complicated than that. The daily diet of your four-legged friend often contains proportionally more omega 6 fatty acids than omega 3 fatty acids. This creates an imbalance and has a negative impact on your dog’s energy level.

But, not to worry! You can easily create a good balance by adding salmon oil to your dog’s meals. That way, your pet will be in good shape again in no-time.

Which dogs will be extra happy with salmon oil?

Salmon oil is good for all dogs. However, it’s particularly advisable to use salmon oil in the following cases:

  • Dogs with dry and irritated skin;
  • Dogs with extreme hair loss or a dull coat;
  • Older dogs with little energy;
  • Dogs that lack appetite;
  • Dogs with an increased risk of heart disease;
  • Dogs that have recently undergone surgery.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


100% Lachsöl mit Leinöl, Omega-3-Fettsäuren: 25-30%, EPA: 16-18%, DHA: Rohfett: 98,6% Rohprotein:1,3%, Feuchte 0,1%. Vitamine (pro KG): Vit. A: 51 mg, Vit. D: 0,31 mg. Dosierung: 1 Prise entspricht ±5 ml. 12-14%, Omega-6-Fettsäuren: 155mg.


Vor Gebrauch gut schütteln, Stearinsäure (natürliche Fettsäure) sinkt mit der Zeit zu Boden. Mischen Sie Puro Lachsöl mit dem Futter Ihres Hundes. Für alle Hunderassen und Altersgruppen.

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