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Happy pets
& happy owners

Finally, kibble that your pets enjoy and a house that smells great. Strange combination? Certainly not! Welcome to Liberté Dog Supply: here, it’s all about good pet food and fragrant homes …

We help dogs and cats who have difficulty eating to enjoy themselves again. By offering the best food from 100% natural ingredients. This way your four-legged friend will empty his bowl in no-time and feel fit!

In addition, we promise you that you’ll never have hairy floors or bad smells of urine in your home. Our animal friendly Liberté All in One Cleaner ensures that your home or kennel always smells fresh and lovely.

What else do we promise?

Defeat dirt and bad odours

Are you completely fed up with bad (urine) odours, hairy animal enclosures and dirty surfaces? Do you clean well, but do the filth and unpleasant smells return quickly?

Then we would like to help you find a good disinfectant. Because let’s face it, your four-legged friends don’t always smell great. Still, finding an animal-friendly and good disinfecting product can be quite a search.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce the miracle product you’ve been looking for: the Liberté All in One Cleaner!

Why the Liberté All in One Cleaner is the best choice ...

Kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses

Eliminates odours

liberte allesreiniger

Safe to use around animals

Fragrance lasts for at least 24 hours

Unprocessed kibble is very tasty kibble

Do you recognize the following: your dog or cat just won’t eat. You’ve tried every possible thing, but your pet won’t even eat the most expensive kibble.

Your four-legged friend also doesn’t seem like himself and is often tired. Of course you don’t want that for your pet, because you want your animal to have the very best.

Don’t worry. We have the solution!

Because we know what all dogs and cats really like: pure foods made from fresh ingredients. That’s why our kibble contains …

No artificial colours, flavours or fragrances

100% natural ingredients

No chemical antioxidants

Valuable proteins

No synthetic vitamins

Essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

As you can see, we only use 100% natural ingredients. This way your pet can enjoy his food and feel better than ever. Our kibble is so tasty, your pet won’t be able to resist it. So say goodbye to leftovers and hello to empty bowls.

Curious about all the delicious treats on our menu?

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