Our story

Interested in the people and the story behind Liberté Dog Supply?Then we’d love to take you back in time. Read all about our adventure here …

Let’s meet

Hi, we’re the founders of Liberté Dog Supply: Matthew and Monique! We met each other quite a few years ago. And it wasn’t just a regular meeting. In fact, we fell in love with each other right away. 

Besides our love for each other, we both had 1 more great love: dogs. We have both bred dogs separately since 1997. But, because we loved to be together, we decided to start breeding together in 2011. That’s why now we breed Bordeaux Dogs, English Mastiffs and Chinese Chongqing Dogs together. We chose to breed under the name Liberté Bordeaux (does the name ring a bell?).

Change of nutrition

While our breeding journey continued, we discovered that not every dog started wagging their tail from their food. Other dog owners also told us that their dogs sometimes left food behind in their food bowls. We thought that there must be another way. Humans usually love food, so it should be possible for dogs to enjoy their kibble as well. That thought was the starting point of our search for delicious dog food. 

But we didn’t just start looking for tasty pet food. The food also had to be of high quality and affordable. Because good food ensures good health. And good health should be affordable for every dog owner.

The quest for better

With our wish list in our back pocket, we started visiting several pet food manufacturers. We visited factory after factory, but our spirits started to drop when we saw the ingredients these manufacturers used. Many ingredient lists didn’t look all that good and the manufacturers refused to change their recipes. 

Until we got in touch with a factory that dared to make a 100% natural recipe with us. We were over the moon: finally someone who dared to help us! Test after test followed, because we wanted to retain all the nutrients and ensure a delicious taste.

The breakthrough

Months later, our dream finally became reality … We had found the perfect recipe and started to try out our new kibble. With whom? Our very own dogs of course! The moment of truth was finally there. What did our dogs think of the new food? Our dogs clearly approved of their new kibble, because all food bowls were greedily emptied and licked clean. 

Other dog owners also tried our kibble and were overwhelmed with joy when their dogs finally ate well. Owners even called us to tell us that their dogs were fitter than ever. That’s when we knew: we have to bring this food to the market. And that was the birth of Liberté Dog Supply!


Years later, we had brought several types of kibble on the market. All kibble of the highest quality and with a lot of attention to taste. Sales of the kibble were doing well and Matthew came up with the idea to expand our business. But what type of product could we expand with? What makes dog owners really happy? 

We thought about the problems we encountered as dog owners ourselves and stumbled upon one major obstacle: unpleasant odours. Because, let’s face it, the dirt that pets leave behind doesn’t always smell great.

Clean, cleaner,

We already had cleaning products that worked fine, but after an hour or 2 the nice smell always faded. And often one disinfectant wasn’t enough, we had to use different products for each type of material. We thought that there must be an easier way. With that thought, Matthew remembered a product from his past. An animal-friendly, all-purpose cleaner that he often used during the years he lived in England. He always loved the product and was able to clean everything with this disinfectant. 

That’s why we searched all over the place for this all purpose cleaner. But unfortunately, the product was nowhere to be found in the Netherlands. Yet we did not give up the search. After remembering this top tier product, Matthew wouldn’t settle for anything less. Years passed, until we finally found the cleaner. 

The manufacturer of the product was willing to supply the disinfectant to us. We were ecstatic and decided on the spot to add this product to our range. This way we could immediately make the lives of more dog owners easier. And successfully: today the Liberté All in One Cleaner is a favourite among our customers!

Experiences of others

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