Liberté Ultimate Cleaner 5 liter


This Ultimate cleaner disinfectant has been specially developed to remove the most stubborn stains from your artificial grass, carpet, your car and all types of upholstery.

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Liberté Ultimate Cleaner

Can’t get rid of those nasty urine odours and urine stains your pets leave behind? Does your car (upholstery), carpet, rugs and artificial grass look dirty after a visit from your pets? No worries! With the Liberté Ultimate Cleaner you can get everything shiny clean again. Even stains in the most difficult places can be easily removed with our Liberté Ultimate Cleaner. You will never be annoyed by the stains your pets leave behind, ever again.

About the fragrance

Foul odours? No more! In addition to its disinfectant effect, the Liberté Ultimate Cleaner also has a refreshing lime scent. After cleaning with this detergent, unpleasant odours will be a thing of the past.

Where to use it?

There are certain stains that just seem impossible to get rid of. But the Liberté Ultimate Cleaner makes the impossible, possible. This disinfectant has been specially developed to remove the most difficult stains. You will be able to remove stains from your artificial grass, carpet, car and all types of upholstery with this cleaner.

How to use it?

The Liberté Ultimate Cleaner is simple to use. You only have to dilute the concentrated agent with water. After that, you can get started right away! The best proportions to use, are:

  • For upholstery/carpet: dilute 125 mL in 5L of water (ratio 1:40)
  • For artificial grass: dilute 250 mL in 5L of water (ratio 1:20)

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Suitable for animal enclosures
Also suitable for normal use
Type of animal



Liberte Ultimate Cleaner


Liberté Ultimate Cleaner ist einfach zu verwenden. Verdünnen Sie das konzentrierte Produkt einfach mit Wasser. Dann können Sie sofort loslegen! Die besten Proportionen sind:

  • Für Polstermöbel und Teppiche: 125 ml in 5 Litern Wasser verdünnen (Verhältnis 1:40)
  • Für Kunstrasen: 250 ml auf 5 Liter Wasser verdünnen (Verhältnis 1:20)

Zusätzliche Informationen

Geruch: Zitrone
Inhalt (Liter): 5
Art der Verpackung: Kanister


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